How to Be a Better Casino Manager

Working in a casino is a fast paced and challenging career. If you are a part of the management team, then you are also faced with a set of challenges that are unique to the industry. In this post, we will look at ways you can improve your management skills and use available tools to provide a better work environment. For those who are looking to develop professionally and be a better casino manager, here are some tips that can help you succeed.

Start with a Strong Team

Taking your time during the recruitment process can make your job as a manager a lot easier. When it comes to casinos, it may be more difficult to find people with direct experience. While prior experience is a plus, it is even more important to search for candidates with the right set of qualities. The right employee will learn quickly, gladly take on new challenges and adapt easily. Instead of focusing too much on job history, look for people with these qualities:

  • Self-motivated. Once an employee learns the ropes, you want to be able to trust them to get the job done and show initiative. These types of employees will be problem solvers and require less of your attention.
  • Positive attitude. Having a positive attitude doesn’t necessarily mean a bubbly, out going personality. It does mean positively contributing to a pleasant work environment. You want people who are willing to admit mistakes and quickly regroup and who don’t spend time complaining and bringing down employee morale.
  • Flexible. Casinos require a lot of moving parts to operate smoothly. For employees, this means opportunities to take on new challenges and support other staff members when the need arises. You want employees who are willing to work outside their job title and who are interested in moving up in the company.
  • Dependable. As a manager, the last thing you want to do is have to constantly follow-up with employees to make sure that certain tasks have been completed. This can be a huge time suck. Look for employees that have demonstrated dependability so that you can rest assured that jobs are being completed on time and correctly.

Lead by Example

As a manager, you aren’t simply in charge of delegating work and making sure everyone is doing their job. You are also a leader and your employees will look to you as an example of how to act. Leading by example also helps you earn their trust and work better as a team. If you want to be an effective leader you need to:

  • Work alongside your team. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, pitch in when necessary and show everyone that you know the ins and outs of their position.
  • Show everyone respect. Belittling employees is a surefire way to sabotage your team. Be careful with your words and handle problems in a private and professional manner.
  • Be open to feedback. Your team will be the first to know if a certain process or procedure simply isn’t working or if there is a better way to do things. Listen to their ideas and don’t be afraid to take receive feedback.
  • Avoid micromanaging. No one wants someone constantly looking over their shoulder. Clearly communicate goals and objectives and let your employees do their thing. Given a certain amount of freedom, you might be surprised to see them come up with innovative ideas that improve the workplace.

Proactively Seek out New Tools

Don’t just be open to new ideas, but go the extra mile to find new tools that can help your team perform better. Technology and innovation are rapidly advancing, which means that there are constantly new ideas, software programs and management tools available on the market. From communication platforms and professional development programs, there are plenty of solutions on the market that can streamline processes and offer new learning opportunities for both employees and management.

Casino Schedule Ease is just one example of such technology. This scheduling platform has been especially designed to address the needs of the casino industry and simplify the scheduling process. Using this technology, casino managers can more easily tackle the challenges of staffing a gaming table, restaurants, bars and other areas of the casino that run on a 24-hour schedule. Employees can be placed according to their strengths and personal preferences while also easily requesting time off through the portal. Incorporating these type of tools into the workplace demonstrates a willingness to support employees and provide an optimal work environment.

Be an Effective Communicator

Clear communication is at the heart of any successful project or team. You need to be able to clearly relay goals and expectations to your employees. It is all too easy for frustrations to grow when signals have been crossed or employees feel like they aren’t being kept in the loop or held to obvious expectations.

Keep in mind that being a good communicator also means providing clear paths for communication. Start by putting processes in place so that employees know exactly what to do if they need to request a day off, share an idea, file a complaint, etc. This can streamline communication and empower employees to take action as needed.

Be a Motivator

Your employees are looking to you for leadership. They want to see that you are both motivated to succeed and ensure their success. It is up to you to set the right tone, keep morale high and make sure that everyone is motivated. This can also entail providing incentives in the form of financial compensation, recognition or opportunities to advance. The key is to understand what motivates your employees and reward them when they perform well and exceed expectations.

As a casino manager, it is important that you continue to stay on top of industry trends while also sharpening your own skills. The more time you invest into becoming a better leader and fostering relationships with your employees, the better your business will run. The right management style will also help retain loyal employees and build an experienced team. Implementing just a few of these tips can make a big difference.